Irene Taylor Trust Commission - Sounding Out Programme

Deconsctructable interactive video: Human


Commissioned by Irene Taylor Trust, this linear interactive Musicjelly video was created by Inside Out, a band that emerged from the ITT's Sounding Out programme.

The performances were filmed and recorded at The Premises in East London over a day and then brought together into this perception expansion piece.

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Please note, depending on your mobile device this video might not work, we recommend accessing via desktop (latest Google Chrome version recommended but other browsers work too)

Project Details

Client: Irene Taylor Trust

Date: September 5, 2018


Commissioned by Irene Taylor Trust, this Musicjelly interactive video was created with a group of musicians who came together as a band through ITT's Sounding Out programme. SOUNDING OUT is a two-year training programme for ex-prisoners to create music and inspire their futures in alternative creative ways. This commission is based on the idea that the whole is more than the sum of its parts, but that the parts are also essential for the whole to exist; and like all linear Musicjelly pieces, explores the audio visual deconstruction of a song as a new way of experiencing music and expanding our aural perception.
About ITT: "We believe that creating original music collaboratively can make a powerful impact on people’s lives, bringing them new confidence, important transferrable social skills and raised aspirations for the future. Music can break down barriers and help people who have found themselves pushed to the fringes of society to become celebrated and valued members at the heart of the community. Our projects light a spark that can be the catalyst in supporting people to change their lives for the better."

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