A Barbican Commission

Deconstructing Mozart & Beethoven with the New York Philharmonic

Barbican Guildhall commissioned us to film 18 New York Philharmonic musicians and create an interactive audio-visual installation for the orchestra's biennial residency at the Barbican Centre in April 2015. In this installation the visitors were able to deconstruct two classical music pieces using a touchscreen in the centre of the room. For the first time this enabled people to hear the instruments of the orchestra in isolation and explore different combinations of sounds in a multi-sensorial way, entering the world of each musician and understanding their individual role within the big picture.

Project Details

Client: Barbican Centre

Date: April 20, 2015

Because orchestras behave as an organism the challenge was to deconstruct it. We found a studio in the Lower East Side of Manhattan with multiple booths all looking into a central space. We placed 6 GoPro cameras in each booth, all controlled wirelessly through ipads, and filmed the individual musicians playing at once whilst following their conductor. The recording sessions were separated in groups of musicians and went back to London two days later to mix the sound, compose the video and do the programming of the interactive installation.
The video he video shows some of the recording process and how people interacted with the piece, isolating visually and aurally each of the sounds that make the organic whole.This project enabled us to see the music composition as layers of sounds. The orchestra's musicians were filmed and recorded in East Side Sound studio in New York and the interactive installation first exhibited during the New York Philharmonic's Barbican residency in april 2015.

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