Interactive filmed live-performance


About Musicjelly

Musicjelly is a community-based project and a visual way of experiencing music created by Strange Pill audio-visual artists, and musicians, dancers, beatboxers, turntablists, vocalists and programmers interested in bringing texture to digital. Whether it’s grass roots, unsigned or established acts, in studio or field recordings; after years of filming hundreds of individual artists’ performance, we’ve created mashable and deconstructable audio-visual music pieces, such as immersive installations, apps and interactive music videos, and welcome our visitors to enter the performer’s world, film & create unique loop-based video mashups and access songs from a different perspective.

Blurring lines between artists and audience


We’ve been working in different projects with hundreds of artists and organisations like Barbican, New York Philharmonic and MDH Holograms amongst many others.

This app contains a selection of video-loops from our videotheque and allows you to film your own video-loops, add them to your mashups, record your multi-channel pieces and share them.

(for mobile IOS devices)