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We are musicians, music producers and video artists. Our work consists of showing the stories behind the sounds and giving people the tools to interact with musicians in a different way.

Over several years we have filmed audio-visual loops in a wide variety of locations, from festivals to music studios, people’s rooms and homes, arts & music centres, fields and gardens.

The collection has become a multi-cultural city with its musical side streets, backwaters, main streets and alleys, representing a community of musicians, dancers, vocalists, beatboxers, turntabilists, spoken word artists and random sounds of the every day life.

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Interested in being showcased online, in our apps or in our installations? or in having your own, custom-made? drop us a line

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Upcoming Events

Where When Summary
InTRANSIT festival Online ongoing The last July we filmed musicians, vocalists, dancers and spoken word artists who live or play in Kensington & Chelsea borough. They are being showcased now in our player online

Past events

New York Philharmonic residency @ Barbican Centre – “18 musicians recorded individually to build your own orchestra”, Apr 2015
Digitalogue @ RichMix, London, Feb 2015
SouthPaw Agency’s #FuriouslyCurious, Kent, Feb 2015
FITCH London, Nov 2014
Wilton’s Music Hall, Oct 2014
Music Tech Fest, London, Sep 2014
Roundhouse, Camden, Aug 2014
inTRANSIT Festival, Jul-Aug 2014
InHouse Film Festival, Apr 2014
Barbican Weekender @ Barbican Centre, Mar 2014
CultureTech, Sep 2013
Bhavan Indian Cultural Centre in London, Jul 2013
Middlesex University, Jun 2013
Big Bang Fair, Mar 2013
Alchemea Music Technology College, Feb 2013

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What you see today is just the beginning. Musicjelly is an evolving platform and there are lots of new features that we would like to add. These will help make Musicjelly the amazing community focussed tool we know it can be. We are a small startup and we rely on the generosity of the contributors and organisations that have supported us so far. If you’d like to support Musicjelly. There are three ways you can do this:
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a tantalising and wonderful glimpse of the possible shape of things to come.
Jay - The Sound Of Confusion

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